Trade shows put your company and its products face to face with customers and prospects, your main objectives are to generate awareness and ultimately, to make a sale.

Kazakhstan’s Flower&Urban market's unlimited potential
As an oil-rich country Kazakhstan’s Flower&Urban market's unlimited potential makes KAFUEXPO is the most powerful trade and communication platform for all contruction, flower and landscaping professionals. Kazakhstan is the fastest growing industrial and high-tech economy in Central Asia. “Strategy Kazakhstan 2050" looks to build on that success and create a secure and prosperous economic future.

Expand your business Network
Kazakhstan is considered as having one of the largest flows of capital to different regions of the Asia. Professionals recognize that the market offers huge potential and advantages.
Expand your business locally and internationally!

Benefit from a strong media coverage & communication campaign
KAFUEXPO is covered by local and international newspapers, radio & TV channels, major websites and opinion‐makers blogs. Throughout the year, a strong promotion campaign will be promoted by KAFUEXPO through tradeshow partners, sponsors, e‐newsletters, social Networks and etc

Find top quality partners
A specific promotion campaign is promoted by our team. We personally follow and invite top buyers, distributors & importers as well as key product Managers from the worldwide leading beauty & hygiene brands.

Benefit from Match‐Making
Business Match‐Making is a free & privileged service at Kafu Expo for organizing business meetings between companies and buyers to achieve mutually beneficial results .Together with the benefits of match‐making,participants are able to discuss ways to increase cooperation amongst different markets and how to increase the business volume.